New York City

8 things I wish someone would have told me, before moving to NYC

1) You will begin to feel 100% comfortable, being alone, at a restaurant.

2) You will NEVER answer your door, unless you’re expecting a person, or a package.


3) But you better answer that door when your package is delivered, because they will more than likely take it back to a post office, approximately 4 miles away from your apartment, with no train access. And when you eventually decide to make the trek, you will wait the next 5 years in line.


4) You will have no food, more often than you will have food. Not because you’re poor (even though you are) but because you refuse to walk that mile, to and from the grocery store, with 17 bags of groceries.

5) You can’t simply take a quick drive, to get your hangover cure; McDonald’s coke and fries. You will just have to lay in your bed, and wait it out.


6) You will begin to HATE the rain. Expect to be impaled!


7) You need to stay as far away from these puddles as possible. They’re approximately 2 feet deep. And if you’re my size, you wont make it out alive.


8) You will think it’s going to be so easy to meet people, and make new friends. It’s quite the opposite. Everyone is so busy in their own worlds, and with their own things. No one will give you the time of day.



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